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The main function of a seperate drawing page is to show you my diversity, to illustrate character designs, and to guide you further in assessing my suitability for your project. I can draw anything. Some of my drawings are looser than others, this may be an indication of the rough visual standard that I supply to the commissioner, or, a more finished drawing can be used if required. I am just as happy drawing children as I am adults, animals, and everything else, along with my specialism of anthropomorphism. I update this page regularly, and so if you cannot see a particular image or subject that you require at the present time, and need proof that I can draw anything (other than me stating it), please be sure to check back again soon, as I build my subject drawing bank.   My drawing style is minimal line drawing, almost cartoon like in feel, however, my main coloured work (observed in my main portfolio) is based upon this line drawing technique, that is developed further, to a more finished state.  I can also develop these loose monochrome drawings further to a more developed finish for use as black and white images in their own right.

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