2014-16 MA Illustration. Manchester Metropolitan University
1996-99 BA (Hons) Graphic Design/Illustration. Liverpool John Moores University

I arrived at children’s book illustration after a varied career, encompassing periods as a psychiatric nurse, a graphic designer and a fine art painter. Although I have received the best in arts training, I have a natural talent for art and design that was evident from a very young age, drawing constantly when I was a boy rather than being out with my friends. My mum always said I would be an artist, and here I am, still drawing  40 years on! At primary school, I had a strong following for my drawing skills, being asked frequently by the other children to draw a picture of a bird or cat and everything else, for them. Secondary School was no different, were my abilities won awards and commendations. I left school with 3 o levels. One of them was grade A. Art  Although I didn’t have the required grades to attend university I was Lucky enough to be accepted into university on the strength of my  illustration portfolio. Upon completing my degree, I travelled to London with my A1 portfolio looking for an agent. Three days later, I had  found an agent, over the next 2 years  I produced realist oil paintings for advertising, and publishing, for national and international clients, Included EA Games, Customs and excise, lancashire constabulary, Redrow, The American Opera House, amongst others.

Illustrating a children’s Book? Why Choose Me?

I love to create, and I am constantly striving for quality. I treat every new piece of work with  respect and vigour, I aim to please, and strive for perfection. Commissioning me means total commitment, when I am producing artwork, I am totally focussed on it, and nothing else, until it is complete. I am extremely reliable, if I commit to a deadline that deadline will always be met. I posses vast experience of illustrating professionally to brief. I am the consummate professional.  I am a member of the Association of Illustrators, and I seek guidance through them regarding the professionalism of Illustration, and how to conduct myself.  I have spent many years honing and perfecting my  talents and my style. My style is based upon traditional skills and techniques, and supplemented by new technologies. I have developed my style  to focus specifically upon a children’s readership, I wanted to achieve an aesthetic that would inspire through warmth and compassion. My style has evolved to  such a degree, that I can draw and paint anything. If you cannot see it in my portfolio that just means I  haven’t done it yet.  I posses an unlimited imagination and  can visualise anything you desire. I have for a very long time been fascinated with Children’s books and the illustrations within them. This interest has been fuelled further by the birth and growth of my own children, who have opened my eyes to the  possibilities that an illustrator can bring to the fascinating world of children’s literature. I especially enjoy creating for children viewers, as I love to believe that I may influence, educate, and inspire young minds.  Children deserve the best, they deserve beautiful artwork alongside a beautiful text, Illustrations  that will delight, inform, inspire and enthuse. If you feel that my work may be of service to you and your endeavours, please contact me.

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